We love what fitness studios today are offering. They get us moving and feeling good in ways that keep us coming back for more. The only trouble is the current way to book.

You go to login to a studio to book a class only to be thrown into your account at a different studio from a previous session. WHAT?! So then you have to logout out of that studio and go back to login to the studio you were trying to get to. And that’s only one instance… don’t even get us started on trying to look at schedules on your phone.

We wanted a thoughtful booking experience. Thus Actively was born. An app with an integrated assistant that does everything you need in a way that’s easy to use, beautiful to look at and doesn’t make you pull your hair out.

Want to see multiple studio schedules at the same time at only the times you like going to classes? Sure, we got that.

Running around the city and don’t want to open up an app to cancel your class? Just text Ellie, she’ll handle it.

Need to know how many classes you have left in your pack? One click gets you there.

Let us know what’s important to you when booking and we’ll plan for it.

—  The Actively Team